Party Box

Build your perfect party box right here. Its all about you – choose whether you want macarons and brownies – cookie dough millionaire and flapjack – rocky road and viennese whirls – rocky road and…. rocky road! Its all up to you.
Build your box – select any two products from our range of tray bakes and treats below;

8 Brownies                                             £12.00
8 Cookies                                                £8.00
8 Rocky Road                                         £12.00
8 Millionaire Cookie Dough               £20.00 
12 Macarons (up to 2 flavours)          £14.50 
8 Flapjack                                               £8.00
6 Viennese Whirls                               £10.00

Fill your box and add the prices together for a total cost. 

Brownies: 8 soft gooey chocolate brownies. 
Cookies: 8 soft cookies with chocolate chips. 
Rocky road: 8 slices made with mallows, pretzels, salted popcorn, biscuit and lots of chocolate.  
Millionaire: 8 slices of cookie dough base, caramel and chocolate topped millionaire. 
Flapjack: 8 slices made with oats, syrup and mixed seeds. 
Viennese Whirls: 6 large whirls filled with buttercream and home made jam.
Macarons: 12 Almond flavoured shells with a filling of your choice. See our macaron flavours.  

Full ingredients and allergens